Unified information platform for developers will be created in Moscow


Administrative barriers no longer create problems in the interaction of government and entrepreneurs

Specialists will create a single information platform in the capital of Russia. Thanks to her, developers will be able to directly interact with the authorities. The new resource will unite services for entrepreneurs, reduce the time required for obtaining permits, and remove a number of administrative barriers in the construction industry.

– Together with the Department of Information Technologies, we are creating a single information platform on the issues of interaction between government bodies and developers. This resource will cover all issues of the construction industry. The built-in calculator of public services will immediately show the developer a list of all necessary actions and documents that need to be issued for a particular object under construction. The developers will have step-by-step instructions, ”said Andrei Kurilov, head of the information and analytical department of the capital’s urban planning department.

The launch of the platform is planned in the near future. Now the service is already undergoing approval and examination. In the meantime, they are still working on the project, and the developers and the city residents can receive advice on any issue in the Single Contact Center of the Moscow Building Complex.

As the head of the Single Contact Center Elena Lepikhina told, developers are quite actively using its services. Applications from developers account for about a third of the total number of applications: “About 3 thousand requests were received from developers themselves. Basically, they are concerned about the design of urban planning documentation and the land. ”

Sergey Levkin, the head of the Department of Urban Development Policy of Moscow, noted that 40% of requests received by the Integrated Contact Center from developers are related to the design and permit documentation.

“On behalf of the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, we are raising the awareness of developers on the reforms being carried out.” Since last year, the Unified Contact Center has been operating in the Construction Complex. The task of the operator is to give full information, so they are trained on the issues of filing applications and obtaining public services in construction, changes in legislation in this area, – says Sergey Levkin.

Also, developers are interested in changes in land development plans (PZZ), the nuances of obtaining public services in electronic form and questions on the reconstruction of facades.

“We clearly monitor the effectiveness of our work, the number of issues resolved by developers. Even if we can’t help immediately and answer the question, the specialists take the caller’s contacts, get the necessary information and redirect him, ”the head of the contact center said.

Andrei Kurilov claims that the Moscow electronic service “Developer’s Cabinet”, created for the convenience of industry participants, is also in high demand: “All builders can see information on all the objects they have built or are building, and all documents: decisions of the regulatory staffs, commissions, working groups on which this object was considered, as well as technical and economic indicators and data on who was the designer.” Every day, the department receives 7–8 requests for access to the service.

The Calculator of Procedures service remains in demand among developers. With it, you can easily find out the dates and stages of approvals for a specific project.

According to a VTsIOM study, most construction companies are well aware of changes in the industry. “About half of the people who applied to the institutions of the Moscow Building Complex said that over the past year, interaction with the structures has improved significantly,” Levkin said.

Helped to improve the situation, including the Unified Contact Center, which has been operating since March 2017. During this time, through it to the authorities received 17.6 thousand appeals.


A single contact center was opened as part of the metropolitan Department of urban planning policy in March 2017. The new structure, created on behalf of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, is an important unit for obtaining construction information and is very popular among residents of Moscow and among developers. The center has a reference and consulting service that considers appeals regarding the passage of procedures in construction, the issuance of permits, the implementation of a renovation program, the construction of a metro station, and roads near the house. Residents are most often interested in issues related to the renovation program, in particular, the implementation period, the dates of resettlement, launch sites. Developers will learn about changes in the land development plan, the design of the urban development plan for the land plot (GPZU), the reconstruction of facades, and the provision of public services in electronic form. On the basis of the contact center, a system for monitoring incoming calls has been created. It allows you to analyze the topics of questions. Since March 2017, when the Single Contact Center was opened, 17,639 calls have been received, of which more than 9,000 have been this year. A third of the issues related to the renovation program. About 500 calls come to the contact center per month, about 65 per day. Most of the consultations are conducted by phone and through the electronic form on the portal www.stroi.mos.ru. You can contact the Single Contact Center of the Building Complex of Moscow by phone. 8 (499) 401-01-01 from 9 to 18 hours on weekdays; to the email address help@str.mos.ru; through the electronic form.

Source: “Moskovsky Komsomolets” newspaper