Warehouse in New Moscow: construction in focus


A new project of construction a warehouse complex class B+ has launched near the end station Salaryevo of Sokolnicheskaya metro line. Construction will be conducted on the area of 1.25 thousand sq. meters. Besides the construction of a warehouse it is planned to create a suburban gardening work space with landscaping of the adjacent territory.

The warehouse belongs to the low-risk category for which simplified approval procedures are provided by the legislation; that allows implementing the project without the mandatory expert examination of project documentation and state construction supervision.

Today in Moscow the construction of “low-risk” facilities is high in demand by small and medium-sized business. In the past, 2-3 years were required for a construction project of a warehouse, now it takes about a year. Taking into account all the implemented reforms which lowered administrative barriers, such category of objects can be built in “Nine Steps”.

Fashion-retailer Podium Market decided to use this simplified scheme for construction of their warehouse in New Moscow. The company has no experience in construction of such facilities. In a co-project with PH “Kommersant” they decided to check the operation of the new system of getting approvals and permits.

The project’s goal is to keep track of the whole process of documentation approval and to check whether the simplified system works.

The project entitled “Test purchase” has already started. Architects and designers from Podium Market will share their experiences of administrative procedures, provide practical advice and tips on the website of the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The project is set in motion. The developer has already obtained a development plan of the land plot (GPZU). The application for GPZU was submitted electronically through the portal of state services on  March 31, 2016. Thus, GPZU was obtained even ahead of the schedule: 27 days instead of 30 provided by the legislation.

“I’d like to point out that we have made the right decision to use the opportunity to apply for GPZU electronically. This format makes the process absolutely impersonal, transparent, regulated and fast,” said the founder of the developer of the Podium Market Eduard Kitsenko.

Obtaining GPZU in such a short term has become possible due to the policy of the city authorities to reduce administrative barriers in construction field.

Applying for GPZU there is no need to collect a large set of documents – cadastral passport, documents of title to land and buildings, the documents from the tax office. Moskomarkhitektura gets this information via interdepertmental cooperation directly from the Russian State Register, the Federal Tax Service of Russia and the Moscow City Municipal Property Department. In 2016, developers can apply and obtain technical conditions for connection to water supply networks from Mosvodokanal, getting it as part of GPZU.

Stroim Prosto