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Building permits in Moscow are granted only in electronic form

Russian President Vladimir Putin commissioned by 2020 to ensure the connection of construction projects to information networks on the principle of “one window”. The process of optimization and informatization of licensing procedures in the construction industry is actively underway in different regions of the country, but today Moscow is the leader in this process.

Work to simplify the procedure for obtaining permits in the construction sector has been carried out in Moscow for more than one year. The main tool for modernizing the public administration system is the use of information technology in the provision of services. To date, all the main public services of the construction sector in the capital, ranging from the design of the Urban Development Plan of the land plot (GPZU) to the commissioning of the object (21 state services in total), have been converted into electronic form and can be provided, including through the official portal of the Mayor and the Government Moscow In this case, 16 public services, including obtaining a building permit and commissioning, are provided only in electronic form. In parallel with this, the composition of the GPZU has been expanded – now the document includes information on the technical conditions of connection, as well as on the networks of engineering and technical support located within the boundaries of the land plot.

It is worth noting that electronic services are highly in demand in the construction market. So, in 2013, when the first seven procedures were transferred to the online format, only 12% of applications were submitted electronically, and this year this figure is already 95% of all applications.

The task of ensuring the connection of new construction projects in Moscow to information networks on the “one window” principle, set by President Putin, has already been solved for several years. It should be emphasized that the transfer to the electronic form of services of network organizations allowed, on the basis of the official portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow, to create a “one window” for receiving both state services in the construction industry and services of resource-supplying organizations for connecting capital construction projects to engineering networks .

Back in 2017, the capital initiated an experiment to convert such services into electronic form. Saint-Petersburg and the Moscow Region were also included in the experiment, and since December 20, 2018, the possibility of implementing this experiment was provided in Moscow. Thus, today, developers can receive technical specifications in electronic form, enter into connection agreements and draw up acts on technological connection with respect to networks of electricity, gas, heat and water supply and sanitation with six resource-supply organizations – JSC OEK, PJSC MOEK “, PJSC” MOESK “, JSC” Mosvodokanal “, JSC” Mosgaz “, JSC” Mosoblgaz “.

All this has significantly reduced the time required for interaction between stakeholders, and the number of applications since the transfer of these services to electronic form has increased to 2,600.

“Work to reduce administrative barriers and optimize the connection of facilities under construction to utilities is carried out in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Construction. Moscow has already prepared a package of proposals and sent them to the Ministry of Construction, ”said the deputy mayor of Moscow for urban planning and construction, Marat Khusnullin.

Currently, the Government of the Russian Federation has sent proposals on introducing changes to the regulatory legal acts, providing for Moscow securing the possibility of providing services to resource-supplying organizations to connect to all types of engineering networks exclusively in electronic form.

Further reform of the entire construction industry involves the introduction of a fundamentally new approach to organizing the interaction of its participants and authorities, based on a single digital platform.

“We are developing a unified information platform in the construction industry, which will allow creating such a resource where developers can get from 1 to 18 public services on a single application, avoiding walking through instances, working only at a computer in their office. At the moment, there are still many difficulties in bringing the various regulations and rules of work of individual participants and departments involved in the construction process into conformity, ”said Sergey Levkin, head of the Moscow city planning policy department.

Source: Moscovskaya perspektiva