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Our application is an information channel that allows you to follow up-to-date events, news, media publications and expert opinions related to the reforms of administrative procedures in construction. The application allows you to keep in touch with the contact center of the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy, receive accreditation for various industry events.


  • Developers in Moscow
  • Project institutes
  • Employees of profile organizations
  • Specialists in economics, construction and investment
  • Representatives of the media and the blogosphere

Convenient Service For Developers

A single information channel that allows you to follow up on current events and publications


Prompt daily update of news information on the optimization of administrative procedures

Media Digest

Base of information and analytical materials of mass media on the topics of reforming administrative procedures

Opinions Of The Market Members

Statements by representatives of developers and market experts on the state and prospects of combating administrative barriers in construction

Convenient and useful services: provide direct communication with the executive authorities of Moscow and allow you to get help in matters of administrative procedures

Hot Line

Dispatch of appeals and questions to specialists of the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy


An opportunity to assess the quality of work of more than 20 organizations and authorities responsible for passing administrative procedures.


Prompt receipt of invitations to various events, the possibility of automatic registration of participation in these events

Additional opportunities that allow you to get full information on the issues of reforming administrative procedures


Access to new documents and laws related to changing the processes of passing administrative procedures


Customization of the mobile application for individual user requirements, including obtaining operational notifications for updating individual sections.


The application will be integrated with other services for developers, such as the “Procedures calculator “, “Developer’s Office” and “Single contact center”.

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