23 seminars on e-services held for developers in 3 months


Two more training seminars on providing state services in electronic format will be held for developers in Moscow until the end of September, said the Head of the Department of Urban planning policy Sergey Levkin.

The already held seminars were devoted to applications for development plans of land plots (GPZU), architectural and urban planning solutions (AGR), passports of color appearance for facades, as well as getting information from the Moscow Interagency Electronic Interaction System (IEIS). These seminars were held by Moskomarchitectura (the Moscow Architecture and City Planning Committee).

Six more seminars on obtaining excavation orders and installation of temporary encroachments were held by the Moscow Administrative and Technical Inspection.

Specialists of Moskomstroyinvest (Moscow Committee for Realization of Construction Investment Projects and Co-Investment Agreements) held three meetings with developers. They taught businessmen to submit quarterly reports online.

Six seminars in three months were held by Mosgosstroynadzor (Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee). Among the issues discussed were obtaining construction and occupancy permits, certificates of compliance of the constructed building with technical regulations and project documentation.  Two seminars were devoted to the state expert examination of project documentation and results of engineering surveys. They were held by Mosgosekspertiza (Committee of Moscow on the state examination of projects and procong in construction). One more seminar will take place on September 29.

“On behalf of the Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow was the first city in Russia which has transferred key state services in construction industry to electronic format: 12 of them in the field of construction are provided in e-format. At the same time we completely abandoned hard copy format of interaction with developers for 11 of them,” said Sergey Levkin.

It is to be recalled that applications for state services in construction industry can be submitted from around the world at any time through a personal account located on the Moscow state services portal.

This is a time saver for developers. The applicant does not need to collect a huge amount of documents: all of them are at the disposal of government agencies and are transmitted via the base information register. There, on the portal of state services, an applicant can track the progress of consideration of his appeal.

The Construction Complex of Moscow gives a course of free workshops for developers and investors on the provision of electronic state services in construction sector. The QIVschedule will soon be published on stroi.mos.ru.

Portal of the Construction Complex

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