About 60% of administrative procedures during the housing construction are caused because of engineering networks


About 60% of administrative procedures, which faces the developer during the housing construction, are linked with connection to enginnering networks, sayd to RIA Nedvizimost the head of optimization and supervision of procedures in Urban construction department Rafael Lugansky.

 According to the speaker today the exhaustive list of procedures in construction of housing consists of 140 positions, 10 of them are Moscow procedures, all the rest are regulated by Federal Law.

Lugansky stressed out that companies do not always have to pass all 140 administrative procedures. “The quantity depends on the land administrative and legal relations, which part of the city is chosen for construction, does the territory have protected areas or cultural heritage facilities. On average the construction of apartment block requires around 50-60 procedures and the biggest part of procedures is linked to the connection of the facility to engineering networks”,- said the official.

He explained that any connection supposes bilateral liabilities both from the developer (for instance the construction of particular part of the network) and from the resource providers, which should bring networks to the apartment block or to the borders of the land plot, when the facility is non-residential.

The biggest part of procedures is connected to the signing of various documents that confirm the implementation of these conditions. If we group all procedures by the type of the resources, then the connection requires 10 stages: get the technical requirements, sign the contract with the company, get the technical conditions for designing the accounting node (the measurement device), the applicant has to make technical conditions, then the resource company acts – supervision and the signing of supervision documentation. Unfortunately this process prolongs not because of the city, – he concluded.

Source: RIA Realty


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