A comfortable environment for business is created in Moscow


Reducing administrative barriers and increasing the investment attractiveness of Moscow’s territories is bearing fruit. The result of administrative reforms has been an increase of one and a half times the number of entrepreneurs who are ready to work in the capital region. This was told by Igor Maidanov, head of Rosreestr’s Moscow office.

“Today in Moscow in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses are involved almost 850,000 entities, and as the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, in recent years, the number of entrepreneurs in the city has grown by half. Positive changes are due to the formation of a comfortable business environment by the city authorities, “said Igor Maidanov.

The expert also said that the Moscow Office of Rosreestr, in turn, is actively participating in the program to reduce administrative barriers for the business community.

“The management adopted a complex of management decisions, thanks to which it was possible to significantly reduce the share of suspensions in registration of rights – less than 3%, failures – less than 1%, in cadastral accounting – less than 5% and 3% respectively. Digitalization of all spheres of our life is already an integral part of the productive interaction between the city and the business community. The task of the Metropolitan Office is to remove the administrative barriers as much as possible thanks to the use of modern technologies in the provision of public services for the registration and registration of real estate, “the expert said.

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