A working group for the introduction of information modeling technologies for the implementation of construction projects formed


A working group has been formed at the Moscow City Planning Policy Department to implement information modeling technologies in the implementation of construction projects. This was announced by the head of the department Sergei Levkin.

“Changes made to the Town Planning Code in June this year introduced concepts such as an information model, the formation and maintenance of a building information classifier, digital architecture, and the life cycle management of an object. These novelties make it possible to begin the active introduction of information modeling technology, and the leadership of the Construction Complex and the city of Moscow represented by the Mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, identified this area as one of the strategic ones”, said Sergei Levkin.

According to him, the need for this is dictated by an active transition to a digital economy, requiring a qualitative change in organizational and technological approaches.

“Similar work was already carried out by us when we started to create IAS UGD, and now it gives a qualitative positive effect. The challenges that new technologies and the government dictate to us make us need to solve strategic problems”, the head of the department emphasized.

Sergei Levkin emphasized that the introduction of information modeling technologies involves changing individual existing regulations and administrative procedures, the coordination of which requires interagency cooperation.

 “It is necessary to take into account the prospects for the development of the capital’s construction complex in order to ensure maximum results from the introduction of modern advanced technologies. A transition to work with large city data within a single information environment is required. This approach will allow you to effectively manage construction projects and create the basis for the formation of new dynamic tools for managing the construction complex based on data analysis”, said Sergei Levkin in conclusion.

Source: Moscow Government Information Center

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