About 30 seminars for developers to be held in construction complex till the end of September


Today, one of the most effective ways to reduce administrative barriers, save time and money for investors is to convert public services in the field of construction into electronic form. According to the head of the Moscow City Planning Department, Sergei Levkin, the “digitalization” of administrative procedures has become one of the key areas in the work of the Moscow Construction Complex.

According to the head of the department, in July-September 2019, in accordance with the approved schedule, about 30 seminars will be held on the provision of public services in electronic form.

Thus, the topic of submitting quarterly reporting of the developer in electronic form through the Public Services Portal will be devoted to seminars to be held on July 23, August 27 and September 24 at 16.00 in Moskomstroyinvest.

There will also be meetings in which they will discuss the procedure for issuing a conclusion on the developer’s compliance and the project declaration to the requirements established by part 2 of article 3, articles 20 and 21 of the Federal Law of December 30, 2004 No. 214-ФЗ “On Participation in Share Construction apartment buildings and other real estate objects and on amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation ”. They will be held on July 22, August 26 and September 23 at 15.00.

The issuance of landfill warrants, the installation of temporary fences, the placement of temporary objects will be the topics of the seminars scheduled for July 30, August 20 and September 17 at 15:00 at OATI in Moscow.

About government services, such as:

Issuance of building permits;

Issuance of permits for commissioning the facility;

Issue of a conclusion on compliance of the constructed, reconstructed capital construction object with the requirements of technical regulations and project documentation

the speech will be held in Mosgosstroynadzor on July 9 and 23, on August 6 and 20, on September 3 and 17 at 11.00.

July 15, August 12, September 9, at the Moscow Architecture Committee, at 2:15 pm, developers and designers are expected to attend classes on:

Sending proposals for changes in the rules of land use and development of the city of Moscow;

Preparation and issuance of urban development plans for land in the city of Moscow;

Preparation and issuance of a certificate of approval of the architectural and town planning decision of the capital construction object in the city of Moscow;

Registration of the passport of the coloristic decision of facades of buildings, structures, structures in the city of Moscow;

Coordination of the design project of placement of the sign;

The provision of information contained in the IAIS OGD Moscow.

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Also, in the Moscow Committee of Architecture July 29, August 26, September 23 at 14.15 there will be seminars where the following topics will be covered:

Acceptance of as-built documentation for maintaining the Master Plan of underground utilities and facilities in the city of Moscow;

Providing information from the Consolidated plan of underground communications and facilities in the city of Moscow;

Provision of a technical opinion on the compliance of project documentation with the Consolidated plan for underground utilities and facilities in the city of Moscow;

Record on carrying out control and geodetic shooting.

On July 31, August 28 and September 25, at 10.00, three workshops will be held at the Moscow State Expertise on:

State examination of project documentation (or) the results of engineering surveys;

Conducting a verification of the accuracy of determining the estimated cost of capital construction projects, the construction or reconstruction of which is funded in full or in part at the expense of the budget of the city of Moscow;

Coordination of special technical conditions for the preparation of project documentation of capital construction projects, including metro facilities, during construction, reconstruction of which state construction supervision is carried out by the executive authority of the city of Moscow.

In the third quarter of this year, new seminars are planned. For example, on August 1 and September 19, meetings will be held at the United Energy Company on the submission of an application for the provision of services for the connection (technological connection) of capital construction projects to the networks of engineering and technical support.

In addition, the submission of a notice of the planned construction or reconstruction of an individual housing construction or a garden house will be discussed at seminars on July 17, August 12 and September 21 in the hall of the Interactive map “Houses on Brestskaya” (2 Brestskaya St., 6).

“The work on the transfer of state services in the construction industry to electronic form is carried out on behalf of the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Many companies have already been able to appreciate the convenience of online services, thanks to which developers have significantly reduced temporary products

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