Active citizen portal launched votes on reconstruction of disconnections on the MKAD


Voting started on the Active Citizen portal, in which Muscovites can express their opinion on the need to reconstruct clover interchanges on the Moscow Ring Road.

Residents of the city can speak out about whether they support the reconstruction of clover-type interchanges to new interchanges with directional exits. Muscovites can also express their wishes regarding this project.

“Interchanges do not correspond to the traffic that is now: “ clover ”interchanges are“ self-locking ”. As a result, a multi-kilometer traffic jam arises both in one direction and in the other direction. No reconstruction at all. Imagine how much money flies into the exhaust pipe in these traffic jams. This, incidentally, no one considered. How much time people lose in traffic jams – these are very large losses that the entire economy suffers. As for the reconstruction, there are many options, ranging from the reversal of overpasses to the left-hand overpasses. There are many standard solutions that can solve this problem”, said Peter Shkumatov, coordinator of the Blue Bucket Society movement.

In turn, Tatyana Rakulova, Director of the Association of Car and Passenger Carriers, believes that previous experience in the reconstruction of interchanges has shown the effectiveness of this measure to combat traffic jams, and the implementation of this project should be continued.

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