Active citizen project opens voting on renovation program


In the project “Active Citizen” a vote was opened, with which Muscovites will be able to express their opinion on the renovation program. Citizens will decide whether to make changes in the course of its implementation.

Project participants are asked to answer four questions. In the first, it is necessary to evaluate the implementation period of the program, and in the second, indicate how they relate to the purchase of an apartment in the renovation quarter. Part of the housing in new homes offer to sell. This will partially recoup the budget costs for the resettlement of residents.

In the third question, it is necessary to make a forecast of how the renovation program will affect the comfort in the area. Here are suggested answers: “The cost of my apartment will become higher”, “The area will become more beautiful and well-maintained”, “The social infrastructure will be updated”, “There will be more jobs within walking distance”, “The crime rate will decrease and the security of accommodation will increase”, “Nothing Will not change”. In the last question, Muscovites will answer whether they live in a house that is part of the renovation program.

“Renovation will give Muscovites the opportunity to get a new environmental quality, a new quality of housing and, most importantly – a new quality of life. In this regard, both renovation initiatives and their faithful, socially oriented implementation should be considered absolutely positive circumstances. Ultimately, this will create a different urban environment both in houses and around houses, in courtyards, increase their functionality, add new objects necessary for residents”, said the deputy of the Moscow City Duma, Elena Nikolaeva.

Recall that the renovation program approved in 2017 included 5173 residential buildings in all districts of the capital. Over 15 million people will move into new housing over 15 years.

Source: Official website of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow

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