Educational workshops for developers will be held on 3rd of June

Educational seminars are continuing for developers to provide state services in the construction sector in electronic form.

On Monday, June 3, an educational seminar on the provision of public services in the urban planning sphere will be held at the Moscow Architecture Committee, during which the following services will be presented:

– Sending proposals for amendments to the rules of land use and development of the city of Moscow.

– Preparation and issuance of urban development plans for land in the city of Moscow.

– Preparation and issuance of a certificate of approval of the architectural and town planning solution of a capital construction facility in the city of Moscow.

– Registration of the passport of the coloristic decision of facades of buildings, structures, structures in the city of Moscow.

– Coordination of the design project of placement of a sign.

– Provision of information contained in the IAIS OGD of the city of Moscow.

The event starts at 14:15.

Venue: Moscow, Triumfalnaya Square, 1, the Grand Hall of the Arch.

For more information on participation, please call: 8 (499) 251–34–23, 8 (499) 250–51–76.

Source: Moscow City Planning Policy Department