Innovations in the Moscow system of projects approval will be discussed on March, 25

On Friday, March 25, 2016, a roundtable discussion “Have it become easier to build in Moscow? Innovations in Moscow system of projects approval” will be held in Moscow.

Today, the regulator system of urban development activities in Russia is being actively reformed. The start of innovations dates back to 2012 when the Russian government issued a “road map” to reduce administrative barriers in construction industry.

Systematic efforts on reduction of administrative barriers in the construction industry are carried out in Moscow. According to the Doing Business rating indicator “Dealing with Construction Permits”, Moscow has increased its figures by more than 2.5 times (from 26 to 66 points) over the past three years since 2012. One of the important achievements of the city government in the matter of the reduction of administrative barriers in the construction industry was introduction of the system of state services in electronic format.

Another field of work on optimization of the town-planning activity management system is the elimination of unnecessary procedures and reducing timing for processing applications of developers.

At the same time the process of reducing administrative barriers is not linear. Sometimes instead of canceled procedures and rules the new ones are introduced. For example, there are changes to the Air Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the construction project in 30 km area around the airport must receive an approval. New regulations are forcing authorities to review the already prepared master plans of territories.

In broad terms it can be noted that the system of administration of construction activity in Moscow and Russia is now being transformed, so the questions of the implemented and planned changes are of great concern of market players.

The roundtable discussion will take place within the framework of Moscow Urban Forum and expert community club Urban Talks.

The expert community club Urban Talks is an educational and research project of Moscow Urban Forum. The expert conference consists of several topic-related sessions where city-planning and management specialists exchange opinions on various scientific and practical aspects and look for solutions of actual problems of the capital.