IV Annual Conference “Development: change points of 2016”

On April 20, 2016, IV Annual Conference “Development: change points of 2016” will be held.

The Russian real estate market experienced major changes over the last year. Developers proved to be able to adapt to new realities, but it turned out that this is only the tip of the “iceberg”. What challenges will face the business, and whether the authorities are ready to prepare a “safety cushion” for the market players? PH “Kommersant” invites Russian real estate market experts and businessmen to discuss these issues on the Conference.

Among the top issues of the Conference:

  • A key trend of 2016 – reduction of administrative costs for developers: what the Moscow authorities are ready to do to help business?
  • How the decrease of administrative burden on developers will increase the inflow of direct investment in the construction industry and revenue to the regional budgets?
  • Will the developers finally achieve loyalty on the part of the natural monopolies, banks and regulatory authorities?
  • What development and renovation projects are at the peak of growth in 2016?
  • New trends of the Moscow region: the construction of residential complexes in conjunction with providing employment – how is it correlating with the business strategy of developers?
  • Freezing of major construction projects in densely populated towns the Moscow region – Korolev, Mytishchi, Balashikha: legal aspects of the initiative of Large Relocation: how commuting may affect the residential real estate market?
  • The emphasis on the construction of commercial premises in the Moscow region: are we facing a rick of emergence of empty offices and shopping malls in the region?
  • First results of the state program “Housing”
  • Brief overlook on upcoming changes in the field of real estate law
  • State registration of real estate. Questions of application of the Unified State Register
  • Cadastral revaluation of real estate objects on the basis of their market value
  • Structuring of investment transactions in the field of real estate taking into account the latest changes in legislation and law enforcement practice.


April 20,2016

Hotel Metropol, Vrubel Hall

2, Teatralny Proezd, Moscow