Seminars on electronic state services for Moscow developers

24 training seminars on obtaining state services related to construction are scheduled for Q3 of 2016.

In the course of these seminars specialists of the Moscow Construction Complex – Moskomstroyinvest, Mosgosekspertiza, Moskomarchitektura, Mosgosstroynadzor and UATI – will provide assistance showing how to obtain these or that state service via the portal of state and municipal services.

The first seminar will be held on June 4 in the “Arkhsovet” Great Hall. The following issues will be discussed:

  • Preparation, approval and amendments to GPZU;
  • Issuing of certificate of architectural and urban planning design;
  • Issuing of passport of color appearance for major construction objects;
  • Approval of design project of a noticeboard.

“Arkhsovet” Great Hall
1, Triumfalnaya square

A full schedule of seminars is available here.