Bataykin: notification procedure for receiving permission for IZHS accelerates document turnover in building sphere


The notification procedure for coordinating the construction of houses on sites under IZHS and garden plots will positively affect the timing of other public services in the construction sector. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Moscow City Construction Department Pavel Bataykin.

“Changing the order of harmonization of individual housing construction simplifies life both for developers themselves – and physical, and legal entities, and bodies of executive power. Previously, it was necessary to collect a complete package of documents for both private and multi-apartment buildings, to obtain a building permit first, and then to enter the object. And now for IZHS you just need to file a notice of construction in the municipal administration, “the official explained.

The period for consideration of the notice will not exceed seven working days. At the same time, if the notice is properly issued and the project of the future house corresponds to the parameters of the IZhS (the house is not higher than 20 meters, no more than 3 floors, rooms and utility rooms are not intended for self-contained real estate), the administration will not refuse to build it.

Pavel Bataikin noted that this reform will allow redirecting the forces of executive bodies to provide other state services. As a result, it will be possible in time to shorten the time for their passage for developers.

“The time that representatives of the authorities spent on consideration of all documents for the construction of an individual apartment building, now it will be possible to redirect to other procedures, other facilities. This means that, in general, the document circulation in the construction sector will accelerate, “said the deputy head of the Construction Department. +

Source: Construction Complex of Moscow

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