BIM and BEM models as project investment


Almost half of builders and developers consider the digital transformation of the business to be their strategic priority and begin to be interested in sustainable development in construction, the creation of more environmentally friendly and comfortable facilities at low operating costs.

In recent years, information modeling of buildings (BIM) has been popularized in Russia: Autodesk experts confirm that technology reduces the number of alterations by 2-3 times, allows you to automate and simplify the procurement of materials and thereby save up to 40% of the time, integrate new methods of high-quality design.

Building Energy Modeling (BEM) technology allows you to model not only the energy consumption of the building, but also allows you to calculate the real life of the future building within a year. This takes into account the architecture of the building, its location, the types and features of engineering systems and much more. Thus, by changing the set of engineering solutions, it is possible to increase energy efficiency for a particular object. The BEM process is structured as follows: the architectural concept and concepts of engineering systems are developed, after which the energy modeler builds a three-dimensional model and sets the parameters of the calculation condition.

Today, BEM modeling is one of the most modern and accurate engineering tools that allows you to make decisions to reduce the timing and price of the construction project and the cost of operating the building. BEM is beneficial to developers, investors, and even residents. Modeling using this technology not only reduces the material and time costs of all participants, but also increases the level of energy efficiency and safety of the building, provides comfort in operation, increases the capitalization of the project or its competitiveness.

Energy modeling is an investment in a project that saved millions of rubles to many customers. And with BIM, the application of these technologies becomes even faster and more efficient, allowing you to work out several options for engineering solutions. Technology allows you to isolate the least energy-efficient processes and optimize them.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta

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