BIM technologies approved when designing houses for renovation in Moscow


Two residential buildings will be built in the eastern district of the capital according to the renovation program designed using BIM technologies, said Valery Leonov, chairman of the Moscow Expertise Committee.

“During the design of buildings, the experience was tested on the implementation of BIM technologies in the activities of the capital’s construction complex. Earlier, on the basis of Moskomekspertiza, documents and recommendations were developed on the use of information modeling technologies that needed to be tested in practice”, Valery Leonov said. “The pilot project fully justified the task assigned to the design organization and the Construction Complex. In my opinion, it is significant that with the use of new technologies it was the house that was developed for the renovation program, because in this way two ambitious and unique programs for the modernization of the construction industry were combined in Russia”

Moskomekspertiza was appointed coordinator of the implementation of the Action Plan for the implementation of information modeling technologies in the activities of the Moscow Construction Complex. During the year, specialists worked out not only the concept of introducing innovative technologies into the work of the capital departments, but also a system for classifying information models, materials, elements and other fundamental information about the project. The next step was the formation of requirements for digital models, including for the examination of project documentation in electronic form, and the development of a methodology for calculating the cost of creating such a model.

 “At the end of June 2019, Moskomekspertiza approved the developed documents in the field of BIM modeling, regulating not only the creation of digital information models, but also their provision for the examination of projects. Thus, the formation of a real regional base of norms and rules for working with the use of BIM began. Testing at the “pilot” facilities is one of the important steps not only to the centralized application of information modeling in Moscow, but also to the formation of a single information urban space”, added Valery Leonov.

The project of two residential buildings is implemented in such a way that a digital information model of buildings can be successfully uploaded to the system for automatic verification using the latest software. The specialists of the Moscow State Expertise were able to evaluate the benefits of working with information models at a new level.

“According to the approved project, two U-shaped residential buildings with two underground floors will be built: the buildings will include non-residential public buildings, technical areas and a one-level underground parking lot,” the department’s chairman said. “The construction will include a device parking lots, taking into account the need to allocate places for vehicles for people with limited mobility”, said Valery Leonov.

On the ground floor of the houses in the residential part there will be vestibule-entrance groups, elevator halls, wheelchairs, equipped concierge rooms, storage rooms for cleaning equipment and waste bins. In addition, public premises and a public information center, security rooms for the residential part of the complex and for telecommunications equipment, dispatching and underground parking are designed on the territory of the houses.

The improvement project includes the arrangement of driveways coated with asphalt concrete, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, and recreation areas. The project also takes into account the need for placement of children’s playgrounds and sports grounds with a rubber coating. At the end of the work, the area around the houses will be ennobled: they will establish small architectural forms, break the lawns and plant plants, and also arrange outdoor lighting. Access to the site will be organized from the Open Highway on local roads.

Source: Moskomekspertiza

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