BIM-technologies (Building Information Modeling) in capital construction involve brand new way of design. The goal of this technology is the creation of computer model of new building, which has all information about it. Designer creates information model of future building and adds characteristics and calculations, which would be required duing construction.

This spring the Ministry of the construction of the Russian Federation approved the «road map» of BIM-technologies implementation during all stages of lifecycle of construction. The unified national standards of the informational modeling, which would be used during design, reconstruction, capital repairs, operation and demolition, will soon be developed with the help of «road map».

«BIM-model of the future building can include not only characteristics of the materials and processes, but only data about procurements, supplies and terms of future repair. Such technologies allow monitoring the work of all engineering systems and other systems in real-life»б- says the Head of the

Design in the form of informational models can allow the procedure of construction permit issuance. The supporters of BIM-technologies suppose that such perspective is one of the biggest advantages of this system. The mechanism is simply: developer created a project in the form of informational model and got the positive conclusion of the expertise. After that BIM-model is placed into Unified state register of the conclusions, where it is kept indefinitely. In the future the groundwork of one developer will help the others: the prepared models will speed up the process of issuance of permits.

Developers will be able to apply for construction permit using just register number of previously obtained positive conclusion of project documentation. On the other side, authorities that issues construction permit will have the access to informational model of capital construction object. The cycle of project documentation development and receiving all documentation required for construction reduces and construction speeds up.

According to the supporters of such technologies the quality of the projects, developed with the help of BIM-technologies, will be higher. The design in BIM-format will allow imposing of engineering networks to the building, will help to avoid contradictions in architectures’ and designers’ decisions. The volume of construction works and required materials could be exactly calculated


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