Calculator of procedures in construction to be temporarily available to all Internet users


The Construction Complex temporarily opens access to its new online service “Calculator of procedures in construction” for all Internet users, said the Head of the Moscow Department of urban planning policy, Sergey Levkin.

“Calculator of procedures was developed in the framework of instructions of the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin aimed at providing help to developers. It was launched about a month ago, the service was available to users registered on the Moscow state services portal, and they have used it more than 160 times,” said Sergey Levkin.

According to him, this is a good result. In order to spread the word about this new development and give a chance to all interested parties to appreciate the convenience and simplicity of the tool, it was decided to make a temporary accessible for all Internet users.

Representative of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow explained that the Calculator can estimate the term of construction, provide information on the sequence and order of passage of construction procedures, depending on selected category of construction project: low-rise and multi-family houses, unique, highly dangerous and technically demanding objects, non-residential and non-productive premises.

Any citizen can click on the link and get exhaustive information on private residential structures, pre-setting the desired number of storeys, area, territorial identity, preferences for connecting to utility networks.

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