Construction business transits to new realities


The main developers of the country told how the work of representatives of the construction complex based on BIM-technologies is being built today.

Etalon Group: one of the key advantages of BIM-design is the remote joint development of the project.

“A team scattered by geography online sees changes directly in its program for developing a project, uses unified libraries and reference books when creating nodes and components of a design object. BIM provides an opportunity to involve all participants in the construction process in a single information field. The technology becomes a platform capable of providing collective management and “seamlessness” of the design, construction and operation processes”, said President Gennady Shcherbina

PIK-Project: since 2018, we have been successfully practicing the remote work format in our company.

“In 2018, we launched the BIMTeam project and assembled a team of professionals in the field of design for information building modeling technologies. The uniqueness of the project is that it allows talented designers from the regions to work from home, using the infrastructure and PIK solutions, and be in the same information space. Thus, design is faster and better. For two years we managed to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable and efficient work of employees from home. To organize an effective workflow, we use VDI technology with 3D support – virtual workstations are created on the servers, which can be connected from anywhere. We continue to accumulate the experience of remote work, to improve tools and communication channels with employees on the remote site”, said Vsevolod Nechitailenko, project manager at BIMTeam at PIK Project.

SiSoft Development: switching to the “home office” mode of operation was quite easy.

“The SiSoft group of companies, which includes domestic developers of CAD systems, BIM, technical document management, has transferred the work to a voluntary self-isolation mode. Switching to the “home office” mode of operation was quite easy because our company has been practicing for a long time and provides its employees with the possibility of remote work. But the most important is the fact that the automation of design based on our Model Studio CS software showed excellent readiness for working in remote mode. Some companies using this software sent engineers and home control services to their homes, making it possible to work from home with connecting to the central repositories of their CADLib Model and Archive information systems and TDMS technical document management systems”, commented the Executive and Technical Director of SiC Development Igor O. Orellana Ursua.

Lexion Development: Digitalization comes to the fore.

“Moscow developers are developing as soon as possible schemes for remote selection and remote purchase of apartments. The usual presentation is not suitable here, the modern buyer needs comprehensive information about the project with visual and interactive content. For example, on our website of one of the residential complexes virtual 3D tours are available with complete freedom of movement in space. A potential buyer can go into the courtyard of the house, consider landscape design, children’s and sports grounds. Take the elevator to the desired floor and thoroughly examine the selected apartment inside. You can also purchase housing remotely or online “in one click” to use a banking product”, said Alexion Lukhtan, Marketing and Sales Director at Lexion Development.

Source: TechExpert

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