Construction companies can get loans from compensation funds of self-regulating organizations


Plan of activities on Moscow economy recovery includes offers to provide loans for construction organizations from funds of compensation funds of SRO, Sergey Levkin, head of Moscow urban planning policy, declared.

The head of department told that decision is taken as a result of the meeting led by Marat Khusnullin, Deputy prime minister of Russia, on the project of Russian Government decree “On approval of the rules of loans provision for members of SRO in engineering findings, architectural design, construction, reconstruction, major maintenance, demolishment of capital construction facilities”.

“National association of builders (NOSTROY) presented a project of subsidiary legislation. The document takes into account goals of loans, clarifies requirements for package of documents that confirm compliance of a borrower with necessary requirements and loans return”, – Sergey Levkin added.

During discussion at the meeting there have been resolved many questions and approved a draft project of the document. Now Minstroy of Russia and NOSTROY are finalizing the project of the Russian Government decree.

“The document aims to improve the system of self-regulating and support of sustainable functioning of construction field after removal of restrictive measures by the Mayor”, – Sergey Levkin said.

Source: Moscow urban planning department

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