Construction demonstrates high growth rates in Doing Business rating


As it became known yesterday, Russia climbed three points in the Doing Business ranking of the World Bank, taking 28th place. In the direction “Obtaining building permits”, our country rose by 22 positions and took 26th place out of 190 evaluated countries. This was during a press briefing in TASS said the deputy head of the Department of urban policy of the city of Moscow Nadezhda Karavanova.

Karavanova noted that for the second year in a row, construction has shown a high growth rate. “If last year in the direction of “Obtaining building permits” the result was improved by 67 positions, we rose from 115th place to 48th, then this year we occupy 26th place,” she said.

According to Nadezhda Karavanova, it was possible to ensure such dynamics thanks to the implementation in recent years of a whole range of measures that allowed developers to build faster and easier in Moscow. “As part of the instructions of the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, to improve the investment climate in the capital, we were able to eliminate redundant and duplicate procedures, simplify the procedure and time for their passage, convert most of the construction services to electronic form, and we also created a number of online services convenient for developers” – said the deputy head of the Department.

So, Karavanova called one of the key factors for improving the performance in the rating optimization of technological connection procedures, including the conversion of electronic services of the North Ossetia to electronic form, which in turn contributed to a reduction in the terms of interaction with network organizations.

“Since the end of December 2018, a service for connecting facilities to engineering networks has become available on the portal. To date, developers have submitted more than 6 thousand applications for connecting objects to various types of resources, ”the speaker said.

Also, the place of Russia in the ranking was affected by the simplification of the procedure for conducting engineering surveys on the basis of the created information resources (Geofund and the Consolidated Plan of Underground Communications and Structures) and access to them by construction organizations.

According to N. Karavanova, the World Bank experts this time took into account the reforms previously implemented by the Moscow government, including reducing the time for obtaining permits in Moscow, which was reduced by 34.5 days, as well as the procedure for 2 procedures.

In conclusion, the deputy head said that work to optimize the number and terms of procedures required for the implementation of construction projects will continue.

“In order to gain a leading position in the Doing Business rating without compromising the quality and safety of construction, it is necessary to radically revise the system of interaction between government bodies, resource-supplying organizations and developers. This means a transition to a “client path” for the implementation of construction projects, which involves interaction with authorities based on the real needs of the developer, ”she stressed. “For this purpose, a digital interaction platform will be created within which all construction participants will be united in a single information environment, which will significantly speed up the construction time.”

Source: Moscow City Planning Policy Department

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