Five cinemas will appear in the renovated cinema “Solovey”


The project for the reconstruction of the Solovey cinema, involving the creation of a modern center with five cinema halls that meet all the requirements of film distribution and the safety of visitors, was supported by the creator of the cinema center, Yuri Solovey.

“To a greater extent, I want to reassure those who are afraid that with the demolition of the building, the Cinema Center on Krasnaya Presnya will be lost as a cultural phenomenon, which will become a standard-box office repertoire, will go into the irrevocable past, the“ long ”movie rental that he loved. No, he won’t leave, I promise! A new cinema center will appear on the site of the old building, which will become the cultural dominant of the region”, Yuri Solovey told reporters.

He noted that of the five cinema halls planned, two will be given to films for children and teenagers. “For many years, a children’s acting school has been operating on the territory of the cinema center, and after the commissioning of the new building, it will continue its work,” added Yuri Solovey.

The new building will provide everything necessary for the comfort of visitors of all categories and ages. Also in the “Solovey” will be a children’s rehabilitation sports center. The total area of ​​cinema halls and a rehabilitation center will be about 6 thousand meters, which is almost three times the area of ​​old cinema halls.

 “The new halls will be equipped not only with modern technology, but also with equipment for children and people with disabilities. According to the project, a children’s rehabilitation sports center with a 25 meter swimming pool will operate in the new center. The new center will become a point of development and attraction for the film industry and in general the cultural life of Moscow, as well as a new center for charity projects and festivals”, wrote Russian TV presenter and philanthropist Oksana Fedorova on her Instagram.

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