For developers accelerate issue of conclusions concerning the compliance with criteria


An agreement has been signed that will speed up the issuance to developers of opinions on eligibility (ZOSK), said Anastasia Pyatova, chairman of Moskomstroyinvest.

“Moskomstroyinvest, Mosgosstrojnadzor and Rosreestr signed a mutual cooperation agreement aimed at settling the relationship between agencies in issuing to the ZOSK developers, which after July 1, 2019 will allow them to work with attracting public funds through equity agreements without opening escrow accounts,” said Anastasia Pyatova.

According to her, the developer must provide the Moskomstroyinvest with documents on the calculation of construction readiness and the number of sold areas.

“We, no later than the next day from the date of acceptance of the documents, send them to the Moscow State Construction Control Service, which issues an order to conduct an inspection and notifies the developer about the upcoming visit of specialists to the site to confirm construction readiness. After leaving the construction site, an act and settlement is prepared, which is then sent to Moskomstroyinvest, ”Anastasia Pyatova added.

She noted that work with Rosreestr is similarly lined up.

“Considering that the conclusion on the compliance of the project with the criteria should be issued to the developer as soon as possible – 15 or 20 days, then the confirmation periods from the Moscow State Construction Supervision and the Federal Registration Service are also limited,” said the Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest.

Detailed methodological recommendations for developers on the algorithm for issuing an opinion are available on the Moskomstroyinvest website in the “Activity” section.

Source: Moscow Construction  Complex

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