Geofund and Consolidated plan of underground utilities to facilitate obtaining state services


Transfer of services to electronic format is based on the already established information infrastructure of Moscow, said Sergey Levkin, Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy.

“But of course we are constantly moving forward, improving and upgrading. For example, this year we are developing two new information systems that will be used for provision of state services,” told the Head of the Department in his interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to him, the first system is the Consolidated plan of underground utilities and structures of Moscow in e-format.

“In order to create it, 300 thousand documents that were accumulated in hard copy in the Mosgorgeotrest archives since 1944, were digitized. In point of fact, it is the cadaster of the city underground space, which contains information on the type and location of both existing and planned underground utilities and structures. Digitizing for the five administrative okrugs is already completed, we speak about West, Northwest, North, Northeast okrugs, Zelenograd. Before the end of the year the Consolidated plan will be completed (except for New Moscow),” explained Sergey Levkin.

He noted that the second system is an electronic archive of geological surveys (Geofund of Moscow – Moscow State Fund of engineering surveys). It will reduce the terms and cost for carrying out the work on surveys.

“The whole project of formation of Geofund and its integration to the Information System for Maintenance Urban Development (ISOGD) is also scheduled for completion to the end of 2016,” saif Levkin.

He stressed that the reform is aimed to ensure that a developer receives complete information without making the extra effort.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of Moscow dated 29.03.2016 #137-PP GPZU is upgraded with a situational plan which includes underground utilities and structures located in the boundaries of a land plot (i.e. the information from the Consolidated plan of underground utilities and structures), as well as technical conditions for connection to water supply and sewage networks (at the applicant’s request).

“At the same time, Moskomarkhitektura receives all the necessary information from the Consolidated Plan and Mosvodokanal via electronic interaction without participation of an applicant. In future, it is planned to include in GPZU technical conditions for connecting to other types of supply networks. On July 1, 2017 amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation will come into force. According to them GPZU should include information on technical conditions for connection to all existing engineering and technical networks,” concluded Sergey Levkin.

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