Gosreester of expertise of construction projects started its work

The state information system “The Unified State Register of Expert Opinions Examining the Project Documentation for Capital Construction Facilities” (GIS EGRZ) was put into operation

Access to the register is through the official website.

The creation of such an information system will allow to consolidate and provide a unified access to information on the findings of expertise, project documentation and engineering surveys in respect of capital construction projects.

It is also planned to accumulate cost-effective project documentation for re-use with the help of EGRP.

“Conducting the USRM by means of modern information technologies is a new level of the work of the institution of expertise necessary for the country’s construction complex and enabling the participants of the investment process to provide the participants of the investment process with information necessary for the adoption of managerial decisions aimed at reducing the investment cycle and optimizing the expenditures of the budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation in the design of capital construction projects”said Igor Manylov, the chief of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

Experts will advise users on the work of the new system Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.
                                                                                                        Source: Glavgosexpertiza of Russia