Igor Rozhkov: changes in the legal legislation make the market more transparent


Since July 1 of this year, changes in the law on shared construction will come into force, fixing more stringent requirements for developers.

Vice-president and head of the Development Complex “Leader Invest” Igor Rozhkov believes that the new rules in general should positively affect the market of shared housing construction.

“As a major developer, we support changes in the legislation, including increased requirements for the financial condition of the developer and a consistent transition of the industry to project financing. These decisions will make the market more professional and transparent and will reduce the potential risks of all participants in shared construction, “the expert believes.

According to Igor Rozhkov, the adjustment required only the provision “one builder – one building permit”. However, the Ministry of Construction of Russia, having received numerous appeals from representatives of construction companies, has already made the necessary amendments.

“Professional market participants have repeatedly noted that this rule will significantly complicate the implementation of projects for the integrated development and development of territories and proposed to cancel this requirement for large-scale complex projects. The publication of the proposals of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on making appropriate amendments shows that the Government hears our arguments and is ready for an effective dialogue between developers, legislators and the executive in this matter, “he said.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta

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