Information modeling helps to build roads without traffic


Modern design technologies help Moscow specialists create road objects that take into account the prospects for the development of adjacent areas and predicted traffic flows, said Julian Knyazhevskaya, chairman of the Moscow City Architecture Committee, in an interview with Vechernaya Moskva.

According to the chairman of the Moscow City Architecture Committee, at the initial stage of design, not only the parameters laid down in the General Plan for the territory through which the route passes, but also its functional purpose (inter-quarter, inter-district or city-wide communication) are taken into account.

“In order to properly design a section of the route, it is necessary to model traffic flows taking into account the peculiarities of the development of the territory. There is special software with the help of which designers create a virtual model, uploading the parameters of the existing traffic and the technical and economic indicators of prospective development there, ”said Juliana Knyazhevskaya.

At the same time, design models are simultaneously created both for individual quarters and regions, and for larger territories.

“It turns out a fairly accurate model, on which you can work out various scenarios that affect the situation in the road network. As a result, specific planning decisions are developed, on the basis of which project documentation is created, ”the department head explained.

Such complex models allow you to get a fairly detailed picture that describes all the nuances – from the terrain to the parameters of existing engineering networks.

 “At the same time, a number of projects are created using advanced BIM technologies. These are technologies for creating computer models in a specific software environment, which can be viewed in various projections and eliminated possible risks at the design stage, ”added Juliana Knyazhevskaya.

Source: Vechenya Moskva

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