Lyubov Tsvetkova: implementation of PZZ – a great step for Moscow


In March 2017, Moscow approved the rules of land use and development (PZZ). Since that moment, the development of the project for the planning of the territory became possible only in accordance with the parameters laid down in the PPZ for each specific area.\

PPZ, on the one hand, limited developers, clearly fixing what can and can not be built on a particular plot. On the other hand, representatives of the professional community are positive about this initiative, because there is a clear understanding of the rules of construction.

“I believe that Moscow has done right now. There is a large document, everyone can enter it and see what is written there about each land plot. Like it or not, it’s another matter, but at least it’s there. I can see the surroundings: the site of interest to me, where is it? Is it, for example, subject to reorganization? And if I’m going to reorganize the territory, I have to do a lot of things, and not just ask for GPRS, “explained Lyubov Tsvetkova, chairman of the board of the Moscow Investors Association.

If necessary, the developer can submit a justified application for making changes to the PZZ. The city authorities will review it and notify the construction company of the decision taken.

“The city is big and mobile, and it is unreal in the general plan, calculated for 30 years, to consider how it will develop. However, in Moscow, the most important thing happened, I want to stress this: after releasing the PZZ, the authorities said that this is not a frozen document, accepted once and for all, “said Lyubov Tsvetkova.

Source: IA “Construction”

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