Minstroy: number of mandatory requirements will reduce by 30%


The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of Russia plans to reduce excess requirements and documents in construction by 30% at the first stage of work to reduce barriers and another 4 thousand positions at the second stage. This was told by deputy head of the department Dmitry Volkov.

“Indeed, the current system of technical regulation in construction is criticized fairly. Unfortunately, in recent years, manageability in this matter has been constantly deteriorating”, said Dmitry Volkov.

According to him, currently regulatory documents in the field of design, construction, examination and supervision are being developed simultaneously by seven different federal authorities, and more than 20 technical committees are engaged in standardization of the industry.

“There is no such thing anywhere in the world!” This gives rise to numerous conflicts, duplications and redundant requirements”, said Dmitry Volkov.

The deputy minister said that the Ministry of Construction has now developed a step-by-step plan to reduce administrative barriers in the construction industry, which at the first stage involves the reduction of duplicate documents from 10 to 7 thousand.

It is also planned to simplify the regulatory system so that only one competent authority is responsible for the development, production and absence of duplication of documentation. According to the deputy minister, this will reduce the excess requirements by about 4 thousand more.

In addition, it is planned to reduce over time the release of additional documents and justifications, including special technical conditions (STU).

“Given that each STU costs from 500 thousand to 3 million rubles or more and“ takes ”1-2 months, this quasi-participant in the construction site begins to negatively affect the process. The proposed measures can reduce their number by multiple, making the STU mechanism really an exception to the rule, which is necessary only when there is no other way out”, Dmitry Volkov emphasized.

Source: RIA Real Estate

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