Minstroy plans to simplify construction in emergency mode


The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities is working on measures to simplify construction procedures in emergency situations, said Deputy Head of the Department Dmitry Volkov.

“The importance of working in emergency situations in recent times, we have realized particularly clearly. Any, even the most perfect rules, calculated on a regular basis, in this case, as a rule, are not suitable”, he said.

According to the official, in a usual situation, for the construction of a typical building from light structures (for example, a hospital building), provided that funding has already been allocated, it takes from 16 to 28 months.

“The design and construction process at the same time takes 10-18%. The rest is the administrative burden, permissions, execution. We call this the coefficient of efficiency. In this case, it is 0.1-0.18. Such a ratio cannot be called effective”, stated Dmitry Volkov. In the case of implementation of the measures proposed by the Ministry of Construction, the terms of such construction can be reduced to 8-9 months, increasing the efficiency coefficient to 0.3-0.4 units.

However, in an emergency this is not enough.

“All processes, including design and construction, must be carried out in parallel. It is necessary to exclude the loss of time for competitive procedures. This will reduce the project implementation time almost to the standard construction period and make the efficiency coefficient more than 1”, Dmitry Volkov explained.

The deputy minister added that the Ministry of Construction could begin to implement the relevant proposals this year.

Source: RIA Real Estate

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