Minstroy will regulate technical conditions of the sector


Minister of Construction and Housing Vldaimir Yakkushev told in an interview to “Stroitelnaya Gazeta” that the department has started a large-scale work on putting in order the regulatory and technical documentation. He noted that systematic work in this direction has not been carried out by state bodies since the 1990s.

“We have a deficit in technical regulation, which led to a technological backwardness of the industry. Therefore, an inventory of existing documents was carried out, those that needed revision, change and actualization were identified, and areas where new rules were required were identified. According to the state project approved by the government, by the end of 2018 almost 400 new documents should appear, “Vladimir Yakushev said.

The minister added that the draft amendments to the 184-FZ “On Technical Regulation”, the Federal Law “Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures” and others have already been drafted. The bill should bring all the normative and technical documents in the construction (codes of regulations, federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety, sanitary norms and rules) to a single denominator.

“I would like to especially note that work began on the wide introduction of information modeling technologies in the construction of BIM. In general, the reform of the system of technical regulation in construction will allow, by 2025, to create a modern regulatory framework necessary for the full-fledged operation and development of the industry, “Vladimir Yakushev emphasized.

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