Moscow developers to attend error analysis session


On November 10 Moscow developers will take part in a seminar on the provision of state services, it will be held in the unusual format of “error analysis session”, said the Head of the Moscow Department of urban planning policy, Sergey Levkin.

He said that the purpose of such workshops is to find out typical errors of design and construction organizations, applying for one or another state service in the sphere of construction.

The first meeting will take place at: Maly Konyushkovsky Pereulok, 2 (“Boiling Point”) at 2 p.m. The seminar theme: “Getting the urban development plan of a land plot (GPZU) and passing the state examination of project documentation.”

“In total, we plan to hold five such seminars once every two weeks. The exact dates will be announced at our official website. Each meeting will be devoted to particular service offered by Mosgosstroynadzor, Moskomekspertiza, Moskomarkhitektura,Union of Administrative Technical Inspections (UATI), Mosgorgeotrest, the Moscow Metro, and MUEK and MUEGK,” said Sergey Levkin.

Representatives of the Department of urban planning policy explained that a series of workshops is held to improve the position of Russia in the World Bank’s “Doing Business”ranking in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits”.

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The educational program is conducted by the Department of urban planning policy of the capital, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Club and Association of Moscow Investors.

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