Moscow to boost figures in WB ranking in terms of Dealing with Construction Permits


Moscow plans to take 34th place in the World Bank Doing Business ranking in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits” in 2018, said the Deputy Head of the Mosgosstoynadzor (Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee) Nadezhda Karavanova at the meeting of executive staff of Mosgosstroynadzor with the World Bank experts.

The event was organized for the purpose of objective assessment of Moscow in the ranking of Doing Business in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits.” The meeting was also attended by Alexander Pirogov, Deputy Chairman of Mosgosstroynadzor and Yury Gorshkov, Deputy Chief of the Office of issuing occupancy permits.

According to Nadezhda Karavanova, the results of Moscow in the World Bank Doing Business ranking  have already improved by 37 positions over the last year in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits”.

“Moscow has boosted up from 156th to 119th place. To meet this end, the authorities of the capital in cooperation with the federal ministries work on simplifying and speeding up the procedures of obtaining  construction permits,” said Nadezhda Karavanova. According to Mosgosstroynadzor representatives, the work on facilitation and reduction of term for referred procedures is ongoing.

One of the measures for reducing administrative barriers in construction is the provision of state services in electronic format. Today, 100% of state services in the field of construction in Moscow are available in electronic format.

Since 2013 Mosgosstroynadzor started providing state services for issuing construction and occupancy permits for budgetary financing projects only via the portal of state services of Moscow. Since 2014 this kind of applications as well as issuing certificate on the conformity of the constructed or reconstructed object with the technical regulations and design documentation, started to be processing  only in electronic format for all construction projects, regardless of funding source.

In addition, since last July Mosgosstroynadzor has launched an e-service of notifying about the commencement and completion of construction and installation works.

“At the end of 2015, the Moscow government adopted a resolution prepared by the Committee, according to which the term of consideration of applications for construction and occupancy permits was reduced. Now, the term of this state service will be calculated not from the day following the date of registration of the application, but directly from the day of the receipt of application by a government agency providing public services. This measure will also reduce costs of developers,” stressed Alexander Pirogov.

The next step is reducing the term of registration of ownership of constructed objects. If earlier this procedure took 18 consecutive days, now it takes 14, and when applying electronically – only 5 working days. The authorities obtain all the necessary documents for it via the interdepartamental cooperation.

Portal of the Construcion Complex

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