Mosgosekspertiza and Rostelecom sign cooperation agreement


Moscow State Expert Committee and telecom company Rostelecom have signed the first cooperation agreement.

The document formalized agreements between Mosgosekspertiza and Rostelecom in terms of approval of project documentation and engineering research results for Rostelecom objects and all of its business units on the territory of Russia.

In addition, the agreement provides validation of the estimated cost of construction projects, as well as providing consulting and educational services.

Projects which are developed in accordance with specifications of Rostelecom and received a positive opinion of Mosgosekspertiza, will be implemented in construction of several hundred objects per year (mostly apartment buildings). Almost half of this list is the objects from municipal development plan.

Collaboration of Mosgosekspertiza and Rostelecom will increase the efficiency of funding the company projects. The procedure of expert examination of project documentation and validation of the estimated value of construction objects makes it possible to reduce costs for design and construction. For example, last year due to the work of Mosgosekspertiza, the savings for the projects financed from the city budget amounted to 108.34 billion rubles, and in the first half of 2016 it reached the rate of 51.5 billion rubles.

Portal of the Construction Complex

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