New requirements of state certification have come into force


Since 1st of September new requirements to structure, the maintenance and an order of registration of the conclusion of state examination have come into force, have informed in Ministry of construction of Russia.

From 01.09.2018, new requirements to the composition, content and procedure for issuing the conclusion of the State Expertise of the design documentation and (or) the results of engineering surveys came into force. Also, the order of the Ministry of Construction of Russia specified the information that should be entered into the conclusion.

Requirements – this is, in fact, a guide to the formation of an opinion, which should contain five sections:

“General provisions and information on the conclusion of the examination”;

“Information contained in the documents submitted for the examination of project documentation”;

“Information contained in the documents submitted for the examination of the results of engineering surveys”;

“Description of the documentation (materials)”;

“Conclusions on the results of consideration”.

Details are described which data and how to contribute to each of the sections, how to draw up, starting from the title page. By the way, it is indicated that the title page of the expert opinion conclusion should contain the following information:

number of the expert opinion conclusion;

information on the approval of the expert opinion (position, full name and signature of the person who approved the expert opinion, date of such approval, seal of the organization for the examination);

the result of the examination (positive or negative expert opinion);

information about the object of examination (object of expertise, name of the object of expertise in accordance with the project documentation, report on the results of engineering surveys).

These data are necessary for the correct inclusion of information in the EGRZ, in accordance with the Rules for its formation (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 24, 2017 No. 878).

Also, the new version of the Requirements describes the features of assigning the numbers of expert opinions – both in cases where information is to be included in the register, or when they are not required to be entered into the EGRP.

Source: Ministry of Construction of Russia

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