New set of rules elaborated for educational facilities


Set of rules elaborated on request of the Moscow urban planning department especially for fire safety of combined units of elementary school with pre-school institutions, which are attached to the main school building.

“Thanks to this document we will design such units within existing regulatory base without special technical conditions”, – Sergey Levkin, head of the Urban planning department announced.

The buildings can serve either as a kindergarten or a pre-school or combine both institutions at the same time. The choice depends on demographic requirements, which differs each year. Rooms configurations can change depending on goals of educational processes of a pre-school or elementary school with partition walls.

“We use various fire safety standards for design of schools and kindergartens, for combined units there are no regulations at all. Elaboration and adoption of the Set of rules give a new opportunity to use the same rooms for pre-school and school studies”, – Levkin told about relevance of the Set of rules.

New standards rely on calculations made with special modern methods of fire modeling and evacuation. Particularly, an elementary school unit with a pre-school block should be separated from the main building with fire-proof walls, rooms in a school and a pre-school are separated with fire compartments equipped with emergency exits.

The document includes requirements for facility placement, planning and constructive decisions, escape routes and emergency exits, systems of fire protection, finishing materials and other project components.

“Timely provision of constructed housing with social infrastructure facilities such as kindergartens, schools and clinics is the goal set by the mayor Sergey Sobyanin”, – Levkin noted.

 The Set of rules comes into play starting July 10, 2020 and will be applies for designed combined units of elementary school with pre-school institutions.

Source: Urban planning department

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