Normative-technical base in construction to be optimized


Specialists of the Ministry of Construction and representatives of the technical committee for standardization of TK 465 “Construction” will continue to work together to optimize the regulatory and technical base necessary for the sustainable development of the construction industry and to overcome the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Experts see the need for regulatory reform with a view to a possible repetition of the situation in the future.

“The so-called“ new reality ”, which the whole world finds itself in in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection, has shown that the epidemiological situation is reflected in absolutely all areas of society. Processes in the construction industry are already being rebuilt. Our task is to analyze and decide how technical regulation should change so that the industry overcomes the economic consequences of the pandemic and continues its development”, said Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities.

In the work on updating current standards, special attention is paid to the use of advanced technologies in construction and the reduction of unnecessary restrictions, including excessive special technical conditions (STU).

“In 2020, within the framework of the national project“ Housing and Urban Environment ”, as well as the“ Digital Economy of the Russian Federation ”program, 143 regulatory and technical documents are being developed – 67 codes of practice and 76 national standards,” said the director of FAU FCS, deputy chairman of TC 465 “Construction” Andrei Basov.

All documents are formed taking into account the proposals of the professional community.

“We must understand that the situation associated with the spread of coronavirus infection is not just a short episode. She clearly demonstrated the challenges that we did not pay close attention to before. Some of them are long-term in nature, some will give rise to new development trends. We respond to individual things promptly, for example, approaches to the organization of a construction site or the need to preserve the construction site for a short time period of emergencies, say, a month, which used to be exotic in practice. Other trends, for example, changes associated with a possible change in the resettlement system, can be considered with an eye to the future development of the country”, concluded Deputy Minister Dmitry Volkov.

Source: Ministry of Construction

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