“Notification” order of house establishment at the websites of IZHS


A “notification” procedure for erecting houses on land plots under IZHS and suburban areas has been introduced. This means that it is no longer required to obtain a permit for the construction and commissioning of an individual residential or gardening house.

Now, for the construction of a residential or garden house, it is necessary to notify the administration of the municipality where the land is located. The notice should contain information about the developer, information confirming the rights to the land plot, and the parameters of the planned facility. You must attach copies of the documents confirming the specified information to the notification.

The notice consideration period is not more than 7 working days for standard cases. If the construction or reconstruction of an IZHS or a garden house is planned within the boundaries of the territory of a historical settlement of federal or regional significance and the notice of planned construction does not contain an indication of a typical architectural solution, the processing time can be up to 20 working days.

As for the parameters of the future facility, the building should be no higher than three floors or 20 meters. It can be both residential rooms and utility rooms, but not intended for self-contained real estate.

As a result of consideration of the application by the municipal administration, the developer will receive a notification on the admissibility or inadmissibility of construction on the given site of the object with the specified characteristics.

It is worth remembering that there are a number of restrictions on the construction of residential buildings within the boundaries of the near-field and specially protected natural areas. Also in a special order are considered projects for the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites. In order to learn about the restrictions that apply to the land plot, it is necessary to formalize the state service “Preparation and registration of town planning plans for land plots in the course of construction, reconstruction of individual housing construction in Moscow” on the regional government services portal.

Source: Construction Complex of Moscow

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