Oleg Antosenko: “Fees are not the main goal for us ”  


Head of Mosgosstroynadzor Oleg Antosenko told in an interview to the Moskovskaya perspektiva that the department does not have the task of “crushing” builders with penalties. On the contrary, the city is interested in improving the business climate. However, due to the lowering of the administrative burden on developers, the quality of construction should not suffer, and the time for entering facilities should be violated.

“As for the actions of the Moscow Construction Supervision Authority, the fines for us are not an end in itself. Most often, we issue construction orders to builders to eliminate identified violations, in which we set the time for their correction. If we see gross violations of the requirements of technical regulations and project documentation, then we apply penalties to the persons who committed them. These measures are very effective”, said Oleg Antosenko.

The head of Mosgosstrojnadzor recalled that since 2012 the Center for Expertise, Research and Testing in Construction (CERP) is also working in Moscow, which is involved in more thorough control over the progress of work at all stages of construction. Since the beginning of the year, the Center together with Mosgosstroynadzor conducted more than a thousand inspections of various facilities and identified more than 2,2 thousand violations of the requirements of building codes and design documentation.

“Following the general trend to reduce administrative barriers, this year we reduced the number of inspections. At the same time, control over the quality of work is not weakened and remains at a high level”,  stressed Oleg Antosenko.

Source: “Moskovskaya perspektiva”

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