One more construction service will be transferred to online until the end of the year


By the end of 2020, another service in the field of construction will be electronically transferred, said Sergey Levkin, head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department, during a press briefing on “Administrative Barriers to Construction through the Eyes of Moscow Developers”. 

“To date, 22 construction services and 19 services of resource-supplying organizations have been converted into electronic form in Moscow. Since December 2018, metropolitan developers can submit a single application for technical conditions, concluding contracts and issuing acts on the technological connection of the facility to networks through We plan that in December this year it will be possible to conclude additional agreements to connection agreements in an online format”, – said Sergey Levkin.

The head of the department noted that since the transfer of the services of resource-supplying organizations to online, more than 14.5 thousand applications for their receipt have submitted on the portal, which indicates the demand for the service by developers.

“The benefits of online services are difficult to underestimate. The possibility of receiving electronic services on the portal during the pandemic period made it possible not to stop the connection to the engineering networks of critical facilities, including medical facilities, metro facilities and other transport infrastructure”, – said Sergey Levkin.

The head of the department also recalled that in addition to the listed services, electronic services such as the procedure calculator and the Developer’s Office work for the convenience of developers. On the portal “We build simply” you can always get up-to-date information about the mechanisms for passing administrative procedures and the latest changes in the construction industry. Also, representatives of construction companies can receive advice on any issues at the Unified Contact Center of the Moscow Construction Complex.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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