Over 18,5 thousand construction and commissioning permits issued online


Mosgosstroynadzor issued 18554 construction and commissioning permits (including extension) in electronic format since 2013, when it became possible to obtain these services online in Moscow.

Such indicators were announced at the workshop on provision of public services through the Internet, which was hold in Mosgosstroynadzor last week.

They reminded to developers about provision of public services related to capital construction objects on electronic format solely since November 1, 2014, regardless of the funding source.

In this regard Mosgosstroynadzor equipped automated work places in a one stop shop, where specialists assist at documents application.

Now Mosgosstroynadzor provides following services for developers in electronic format:

  • Issuance of construction permits;
  • Issuance of commissioning permits.

Notification of planned construction or reconstruction of individual housing construction object or cottage, notification of construction completion can be submitted only in electronic format. Reports on conformity of a constructed object with technical regulations and project documents can be submitted through the Internet, for today 3114 such reports have been submitted.

Procession time for notification submitted through the website mos.ru does not exceed 5 workdays regardless of the capital object type.

Moreover Mosgosstroynadzor launched an electronic service “Notification on start and completion of construction and engineering work”. Developers have already submitted 2933 notifications on start of construction works and 3441 on its completion.

Since July 1, 2015 participants of construction can submit such notifications in electronic format solely.

Mosgosstroynadzor continues conducting seminars on providing services in electronic format open for legal entities and individuals. Next seminar will take place on March 11, participation is free.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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