Over 6.6 thousand construction and occupancy permits issued online in Moscow


6621 construction and occupancy permits were issued online in Moscow since 2013, when the service started to be available in electronic format.

The e-service “Giving notice of the beginning and the end of construction and installation works” was launched in 2015. Since that time Mosgosstroynadzor (Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee) has already received 1687 notifications in electronic format.

Three state services provided by Mosgosstrynadzor are available online namely issuing construction and occupancy permits as well as certificate of conforming compliance of the constructed buildings with the norms and rules (ZOS).

In accordance to representatives of Mosgosstroynadzor, terms for consideration of applications submitted via the city portal of state and municipal services does not exceed 10 days for getting permits and 5 days for getting ZOS.

The service desk of Mosgostroynadzor based one “one stop shop” principle; it is equipped with workstations, where specialists provide assistance in submitting necessary documents.

It is to be recalled that applications for state services in the construction industry can be submitted from around the world at any time through a personal account located on the Moscow state services portal.

This is a time saver for developers. The applicant does not need to collect a huge amount of documents: all of them are at the disposal of government agencies and are transmitted via the base information register. There, on the portal of state services, an applicant can track the progress of consideration of his appeal.

As it was stated by the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, the number of users who prefer electronic services is constantly growing. “We are actively working for the city informatization and developing municipal e-services,” said Sergey Sobyanin. He stressed that the transfer of state services to electronic format prevents corruption in construction industry.

Four state services in construction sector will be transferred to electronic format by the end of 2016, announced the Head of Urban Planning Policy Department Sergey Levkin at the Moscow Urban Forum.

The Construction Complex of Moscow gives a course of free workshops for developers and investors on the provision of electronic state services in construction sector. The schedule can be found on stroi.mos.ru.

Portal of the Construction Complex

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