Practical recommendations for the transition to project financing developed


The transition of developers of the capital to the new model of financing construction is being successful, said the chairman of Moskomstroyinvest Anastasia Pyatova.

“On the one hand, Moscow is a highly liquid market, where almost all projects have a good revenue side, while banks that have the right to work with escrow accounts go to contact with investors. On the other hand, in the capital there are more than 600 building permits, involving the construction of 34.3 million square meters. meters of real estate. We carried out a large-scale work in order to analyze which developers will continue to work according to the old scheme, and who will transfer to escrow accounts, ”said Anastasia Pyatova.

According to her, for a successful transition to a new financial model of construction, a number of resolutions have been adopted, an interdepartmental working group has been created, problems that may arise during the transition period have been identified.

“Also marked the range of issues developers, on the basis of which we have developed guidelines for developers. For two weeks, they were given two practical workshops a day, ”she noted. +

In addition, cooperation has been established with Rosreestr and Mosgosstrojnadzor in terms of confirming the readiness of the facility and the number of concluded equity participation agreements (PDU).

 “This is necessary in order for Moskomstroyinvest to carry out a general set of information and decide on issuing to the developer a conclusion on compliance with the project readiness criteria,” explained Anastasia Pyatova.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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