Russia can fully switch to BIM in several years


For the full implementation of information modeling technologies (BIM) in Russia, it will take several years, says the head of the State Expertise Committee of the Russian Federation Igor Manylov.

“From a technical point of view, we are ready to use digital modeling. The question is that this should become a conveyor and the main tool of work for construction organizations. In order for the model to give a global effect and create a single information space, it is necessary that all participants live in an information environment. I think it will take several more years”, said Igor Manylov
The head of the department noted that now, among the projects submitted for examination, only a small percentage has been implemented using BIM technologies, but the volumes are increasing.
“We can’t say yet that this method of drafting is passing through the entire construction site. Now it is piece by piece, but organizations are working on it and are actively working, in particular, in Moscow. We can say that there are dozens and, probably, even hundreds of objects”, Manylov emphasized.
Recall that in June this year a law was adopted that officially enshrines the concept of “information modeling in construction” (BIM technologies) in the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation. This innovation will help optimize business processes, reduce the cost of construction and operation, as well as reduce the time of work. According to expert estimates, information modeling technologies will save up to 30% in construction.

Source: Interfax

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