Russian Housing Code was amended


The amendments to the Housing Code will come into force from January 1, 2017. The need to transfer the term of incurrence of liability arose due to the lack of data in the state information system on utility systems.

The rules of financial support to regional programs of concessional lending for capital repairs and resettlement of dilapidated housing were refined. The Federal Law 175-FZ “On Amendments to Articles 26 and 154 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” including aforecited amendments is already in force from  June 2. The corresponding document was adopted by the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council.

Major amendments of the Housing Code concerned providing financial support to the subjects of the Russian Federation at the expense of Housing and Utilities Reform Fund for resettlement of dilapidated housing.

Previously, in case of violation of the resettlement schedule in any municipality, the Fund blocked the provision of funding in proportion to the non-fulfillment of the program. After the introduction of financial responsibility of the subjects for violation of terms, the Ministry of Construction proposed to abolish this restriction.

“We have to cancel freezing of funding at the final stage of fulfillment of resettlement program for violation of schedules by regions. This will allow eliminating the shortcomings in the implementation of the programs and fulfilling the resettlement plan in time. Penalties for non-fulfillment of the program have a positive impact on the pace of its implementation. According to the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, heads of regions are personally responsible for implementation of the resettlement program of dilapidated housing,” commented the Head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men.

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