Russia’s experience on reforming technical accessories recognized as an example


World Bank experts praised Russia’s successes in reforming the technical connection procedures and suggested using this experience in other countries. The authors of the Doing Business study also drew attention to the high level of digitalization of the network connection process.

To date, most of the procedures in this area have been translated into electronic form, and their number and terms have also been significantly reduced. Now the connection to the network takes place in only two stages, and the terms of technical connection in the regions have decreased from 162 to 41 days. These changes allowed Russia to score 97.5 points in the Doing Business rating out of 100 possible on the scale of compliance with the ideal standard.

Seven years ago, Russia ranked last in the Doing Business rating in the Doing Business rating, Sergei Pikin, head of the Energy Development Fund, recalled. “Consumers are surprised when they find out that you can really connect in a very short time and almost for free, for a tiny amount. At the same time, you don’t need to go anywhere, agree with someone. Everyone is used to the fact that connecting is expensive, difficult and long. Sometimes it took years to join, and now the networks are connected faster than the consumer has time to prepare for this. Network companies also established internal business processes, they became as transparent as possible, in addition, they removed unnecessary inspections, approvals, and therefore got a high place, ”Sergei Pikin told Izvestia.

Recall that this year Russia for the first time entered the top 10 countries for connecting to the power supply system, taking 7th place among 190 countries.

Source: Izvestia

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