Sergei Levkin: The normative term of construction in Moscow will reduce by one third


The construction cycle will reduce for 1,5 years in the nearest future, announced the Head of Urban Planning policy Department, Sergei Levkin during the meeting with the journalists on Wednesday.
According to him, today the terms of construction from the design till the putting the building into operation in Moscow is 1547 days, almost 4,2 years. It consists of 112 procedures, 66 of them are Federal, and all other are regional. «Mayor set a goal, and today we know how to optimize procedures: reduce the number of them from 112 to 68 both Federal and regional. It will allow speeding up the cycle for 549 days and making it 998 days»,- explained Sergei Levkin. One of the main tasks for this reducing is creation of conditions, in which all procedures could be passed in minimal terms.
Moreover, it is planned to switch to complex scheme of engineering networks for all capital construction buildings during the program of renovation of housing in Moscow. The own scheme, which will take into account existing buildings, will be design for every block during the renovation. It will include the data about all existing and planned engineering networks, power facilities and expected workload.
«Thanks to complex scheme we can synchronize the work of developers and resource companies and avoid the situations, when the building is finished, and developer is ready to start the improvement of territories, but the network connection is still not done.

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