Sergey Sobyanin has launched the technical start of the metro line from the “Ramenki” to the “Rasskazovka”


Trains on the Kalinin-Solntsevo metro line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka will be launched in September, the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said. 

“Today is a very important event: we start the technical train of the metro. This means that all the tunnels are laid, all the stations are built, the entire construction is basically completed. We hope that at the end of August and beginning of September, trains will already be traveling along this branch, “S. Sobyanin said.

He noted that the construction of this section of the yellow branch will improve transport accessibility for 600,000 Muscovites.

Near the metro stations the accomplishment is completed. In the adjacent territories, 899 large trees and more than 9,300 shrubs are planted.

The mayor inspected the landscaping around the station “Solntsevo” and new pedestrian crossings. One of them passes over the ground through Michurinsky Prospekt in the area of ​​the metro station of the same name, the second underground, it is located on the street. Bogdanova near the metro station “Solntsevo”.

Residents of the Solntsevo district have been waiting for the metro for more than 30 years. Now they have to take buses to the stations “Yugo-Zapadnaya”, “Prospekt Vernadskogo” and “Salarievo” Sokolnicheskoy line.

Recall, the site of the Kalinin-Solntsevo line of 14.2 km in length includes seven stations: Michurinsky Prospekt, Ozernaya, Govorovo, Solntsevo, Borovskoye Shosse, Novoperedelkino and Rasskazovka.

Source: Construction  Complex of Moscow

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